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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bald Eagle Days and upcoming events

I was out of town all weekend, so I missed Bald Eagle Days, but the Black Fox drum went and sang there saturday. We seem to have had a good turnout, and everyone who went says it was a great time. The drum sang a lot of good songs, there were a number of dancers, and a nice size crowd watching. There was a can line ( I wish I had seen that, I have never seen one) that performed, and also a live country band. Not exactly your usual powwow. I had thought there would be an evening session, but they shut everything down by six. That's all I really know, but thanks again to Fred Warbonnet for inviting us.
There isn't a lot going on this time of year, but we will have practice next friday ( feb. 3rd) at Ellen's house, and the drum will be going in to the women's prison on feb.18th and the men's on march 18th. Also we will perform at the Marigold nursing home in Galesburg on march7th.
That's all I really have for now.


  • At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I sure had a great time @ Bald Eagle Days and missed you being there Daryl. Katie had brought a digital camera and I was going to get a group photo finally but put that thought on hold because you weren't there and it couldn't have been a group without YOU. I and Katie did participate in a potato dance and did OK but lost to Fred and Geogetta Warbonnet. I thought the crowd was much better in Hamilton than it has been in Keokuk before. I look forward to going again next year and stay for two days.ttfn...W.E.


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