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Thursday, February 07, 2008

prison dates, other things

A short post on some recent news. We have dates for the prison powwows, feb. 23rd for the mens and march 8th for the womens. On sunday, feb. 17, there is going to be a meeting at Ellen Williams house to make plans for the powwow Jim Sanderson hopes to put on sometime this year. If you have input, please be there.
Larry Cooper tells us he is close to making a deal for a place to hold the winter gathering next january, since the school in Hamilton didn't want us back. I hope he gets a place, it was turning into something good.
We stirred up some interest at the mall in Galesburg a few weeks ago, we got some names and numbers. So far I don't know of anything that has come from them, but its a start.
I'm going on vacation for a week starting saturday, but I may try to get something more up before I leave, if I have time.


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