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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It,s the time of year when things start to get busier, so I will have more to talk about.
First of all, I want to let people know that the meeting friday will be at Ellen's house, so she isn't gone yet.
I told you I had found dates for the New Windsor powwow (June 23-25), well Dinah found fliers! She will bring them friday, we will see if my dates are right. I sure hope they do have it.
Also, of course, the mothersday powwow is coming up in a couple of weeks at seven circles, I hope to be there.
We also have prison dates, the women's May 20, the men's June 17.
And of course, Creve Coure rendevous memorial day weekend.
I just found about something neat at Dickson's Mounds. Some of you may know about the Sacred Sites Runs. These are a series of relay marathon runs across the country run by natives to various sacred sites, where there will be ceremonies and earth will be collected to be deposited in a special memorial. Well, Dicksons mounds will be a stop. Seven circles people will be involved, there will be a pipe ceremony, and the Rainbow singers will sing. Unfortunately, unless I have the dates wrong, it is the same weekend as New Windsor. We'll see (I don't yet know if it is saturday or sunday).
Speaking of Dickson's Mounds, I was there all weekend at an archeological meeting, and really learned a lot. There were great lectures, and tours of local sites and the Emiquon project (I learned why it is still dry). I'm going to talk all about it on my other blog, Daryl's Den (see the link at right), and I am going to put a lot up because it was really great!
If I forgot anything I will get it up later.
See you friday.


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