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Friday, April 07, 2006


We had a great performance last night at Spoon River Valley school for a cub scout group. They invited a girl scout group too, and including the parents and leaders we had a really big group. they were really enthusiastic, they had made dance sticks and things and came out and danced with us. We did a lot of songs, and performed for over an hour. It was a great time.
Dinah locked her keys in her car, but some guys there helped her get her car open, so it was allright.
Some of us have been scheming, and there is going to be a nice surprise for the group soon. I won't say more right now.
Ellen didn't leave yet, and right now she doesn't know when she will, so we don't know yet where next friday's meeting will be, but will let let everyone know. When she does leave, we will meet at Jerry's until she gets back.
Ruth is back from California, we are glad to see her, and Rosa and Scott should be back soon.
Don't forget the mothers day powwow, it's at seven circles this year.


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