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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

it's been a while, some bad news

I know it's been quite a while since I put up a post, I went on vacation, then work got bad for a while, and I managed to lose a post I tried to put up. I hope to do better in the future.
Before I get into news about the group, I have some bad news.
This monday Ken Funmaker,Sr. passed over. Ken was the head of the Ho-Chunk Bear clan, and was the main person trying to reestablish the Ho-Chunk Hayluthka, their formal war dance. He was very active in powwows in Wisconsin and northern Illinois, and often attended the White Bear Hethushka. He will be missed.
This saturday, March 8th, we will be going into the men's prison for their powwow. We did the women's the saturday before last, and had fine time. We messed up and went in on visitation day, so a lot of the ladies couldn't make it, but we had a good number anyway, including a few new people. We had two potato dances, round dances, intertribals, and everyone had fun.
Jim Sanderson is working hard on the powwow near Galesburg, right now it looks like it will be at the Knox County fairgrounds the weekend before Memorial day weekend.
We're working on a lot of new songs, we hope to have some good new ones by then.
Larry Cooper lost the place he'd hoped to have the Bald Eagle days dance next January, but he's not giving up.
On a political note, I don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but a group is trying to get the Illinois smoking law amended to allow pipe and smudge ceremonies indoors at native events.
Everyone ought to support this, it's basic religious freedom.


  • At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Krista said…

    Daryl, I don't know if you remember me but I was in the Women's camp in Pekin. I'm really glad you got to have the pow wow before I left. I just wanted to say Thanks again. Also I got to go to the pow wow in Denver for a short time. It was really great. Tell Ellen that I miss seeing her on thursdays. I hope to see you guys again some day. you can email me at if you want to.


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