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Thursday, March 16, 2006


There is a great book called 500 Nations, which is about all the tribes across Ameica(there were about 500 of them, that's where the name comes from). Looking at it the other day got me thinking that all to often we seem to act as tho the plains tribes were the only ones around. Many times I have heard someone say something is "the indian way" or" the way the natives did it", when really it is just the way of one area or even one tribe. We need to go out and learn about other ways from around the country.
What about the northwest tribes. We always say the native peoples didn't value material things, but up there the leaders went out of their way to gather huge amounts of valuable things, then destroy them or give them away, to show how rich and powerful they were.
Or what about the southern California tribes. They were basic hunter gatherers, never farmed, didn't build huge mounds or stone buildings, yet their country was so rich they supported one of the highest population densities in north america, and their ceremonial life was among the greatest anywhere.
We owe it all these and all the others to get to know them too. The link here to native resources has some great starting places, and the library has some great books (check out 500 Nations).
Don't forget practice friday night at Ellen's, and the men's prison saturday (be there BY 11:30).
See you later.


  • At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is very true. We miss out on a great deal when we limit ourseives to one tribe.


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