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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ellen says hi

Kind of a slow time right now for a change, except for regular practices. We have the Viola celebration for Brenda the 29th, and the ladies prison the first saturday in august, but not much else for a while.
Ellen called a few nights ago to say hi. She really misses the group and the practices, she says to to tell every body she misses them. She is planning on coming back sometime after august 19th. She went to a powwow at Taos recently, and said there was some beautiful regalia, but ask her about the rather uniquely dressed gentleman dancing. I guess central Illinois isn't the only place that get's some odd ones at powwow.
Anybody know how Ruth, Rosa, and Scott are doing? Haven't heard much from them lately.
I put a new link up, Written Heritage. They have some great books and videos, just about every subject to do with Native things. Check their site out, plus I have the catalog if anyone wants to look at it or order something.


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