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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

great powwow

The New Windsor powwow turned out really great! The weather was fine for a change, cool and dry for the most part. It got a little hotter saturday afternoon than I expected, but not too bad, and the rain held off sunday.
The only hitch was that one of the invited drums didn't show up, leaving only one, but they did a fantasic job under pressure. I can tell you that trying to do something like this without a backup drum is a real challenge, but they pulled it off. They were the Neewaynon singers out of wisconsin. Thanks guys and ladies!
The only problem caused by this is that the MC had to give them a lot of breaks, so we didn't have as many intertribals as I would have liked, but it had to be that way.
There were a lot of people there, dancers and spectators. Saturday there was at least one of every type of dancer, something you don't see around here too often, so we had some great exibitions. The spectators were really getting out there, too, which caused some great energy at times.
During the weekend they chose a new princess, little princess, warrior, and little warrior, and they got some fantastic young people to represent the powwow.
There was a fine feast saturday, with barbecued buffaloe, roast turkey, salads, and deserts. Everyone got plenty to eat.
Good weather, good singing, good dancing, good food, and good people. What more could you ask for!


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