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Thursday, June 15, 2006


We had an intesting visitor at friday's practice. It started as an ordinary practice, not a lot of people but enough. We were taking our first break when Barb showed up, back from Arizona. She wasn't alone, though, with her was a young Hopi gentleman from Hottevilla named Cimmaron. He had been invited here to tell people about his people and their beliefs. Apparently he had never been off the rez, so everything was new to him. He listened to our songs, and talked about his ways and why he was here, joined us in prayer, and presented us with a gift for the drum. We were very honored.
The next day was the Pimitoui powwow. Saturday was cold and rainy, they gourd danced under a tent and didn't do anything more till 3:00, when they started intertibal dancing with no grand entry. That evening they tried again, but it was still cold and few people were there.
Sunday was a lot better, the clouds broke up, it cleared off, and there was a great grand entry and several hours of great dancing and specials. A lot more people, dancers and spectators, were there.
Cimmaron was there both days, and gave a talk sunday which I unfortunately missed. This was his first powwow (Hopi don't have powwows), so I had the honor to escort him in for grand entry so he would know what to do. Later he had an honor song, and carried one of only 7 Hopi flags in existence, which the elders had allowed him to bring with him. The whole circle was honored. All in all, a great weekend.
Don't forget the prison saturday and the New Windsor powwow the next weekend. Also, the sacred run ceremonies will be the 24th at 1:00 at Dickson Mounds.


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