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Thursday, July 20, 2006

some things to see

Kind of quiet. We have practice friday at Jerry's (probably), the Viola celebration the 29th at Brenda's, and the women's prison sept. 5th.
Since this is travel season, I thought I might mention a few of the things to see in this part of the country.
If anyone is in Chicago in the next few weeks, the art institute has a big display of southwest pottery, mostly from casas grandes, thru Aug. 13th. If you're up there, don't forget to check out the field museum across the park. They have great displays of historic native clothing and tools, prehistoric too. If you've never been there, you really should try to get there sometime.
A little farther is the Eiteljorg american indian museum in Indianapolis. Though it isn't widely known around here, it is one of the best in the country. I don't have the address or phone handy, but I can get them.
Don't forget Cahokia mounds by St. Louis. Everyone should try to get there at least once.
Farther away but similar is Effigy Mounds National Monument in northeast Iowa. I have never been there, but I understand it is awesome.
Closer to home, if you are over by the Mississippi, check out the Illiniwek Village State Historic Site in Missouri just west of Keokuk. It is the site of one of the largest illini villages known, with an interpretive trail and picnic area.
And if you're passing through, both Quincy and Havana have prehistoric mounds in city parks. The one is Havana is huge (yes, the hill the park is on is all manmade).
This is just a few, I know there is a lot more around. If you know of something, put in a comment and I'll put it up in a post.


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