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Saturday, September 02, 2006

fantastic news

Man, we're in the big time now.
First up, we have a great new person for the drum, Chris was raised on the rosebud rez, but his son, Dakota, has never been exposed to native things. Chris is a natural, he's been around it all his life but never really joined in. We plan on making him southern, oklahoma style. Southern singing RULES!
The big news is that we have been asked to be the main drum at the mini powwow in Hamilton next january. I really think we're ready to do this. We know enough songs, we're singing together, we're strong. Plus we got Butch to be our MC.
The thing is, we will be paid very good (I mean really, really good), for this, and we will have to sign a contract.
We have to come through.
This is what real drums do.


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