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Thursday, September 07, 2006

movies, books, and things

I was talking recently to someone, who asked me if I hasd seen the movie Smoke Signals.
I haven't, although I keep meaning to, but I have been thinking about it lately. There are a lot of good movies and books out that have to do with the modern Indian experience, some on the rez, some not. Native culture is a living thing, constantly changing, and this a good way to keep in touch.
Smoke Signals has a really great reputation, and there's another called Powwow Trail that is supposed to be great. I am going to try to find them and talk about them. I'm also going to look for more movies to talk about.
As far as books go, anything by M. Scott Momaday is a good place to start, and there are lot's others, so many that modern native is a seperate category. I think I am going to look for these kind of things and put up posts on them as I find them. If anyone has anything they want to share, put it in a comment.


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