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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The mothers day powwow turned out to be cold and wet all weekend. What a shame! Still, there were some good things. Rosa was head lady dancer, and she did a fantastic job, especially considering the weather. Brenda's class on native music went well, she had 14 people there. I got some gourd dancing in, and heard a good expanation of some of the symbolism behind it. When I get time, I'll put some of it up. I didn't make it back sunday (it rained all day here), but heard they had a decent turnout considering.
Last night a few of us went to Knox county nursing home to perform. We had a good time, and they always enjoy it. It was especially great to get so many people in wheelchairs out for the round dances.
Don't forget, we are going to the women's prison saturday, be there by 11:30, 12:00 at the latest.
Ellen finally left for her trip out west sunday (at least she was supposed to), we all worry about her and hope the trip was okay. We will probably be having practices at Jerry's house for a while, but Ellen invited us to use her backyard, and she has such a great place, we might. We will let everyone know.
Finally, don't forget the Creve Cour rendesvous saturday and sunday of memorial day weekend. We need as many people as possible.


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