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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

prison and creve coure

Sorry the posts have been scarce lately, I've been very busy, I'll try to get more up.
We did fine at the womens prison saturday, even thought there were only a few of us. We sang a lot of round dance songs, which is what they like. I think they are going to try to schedule our next visit around a feast.
Don't forget we are going to be singing at creve coure rendevous this saturday and sunday, from noon to four.
Also, Jerry and a few people are going to Kickapoo school friday, I'm not sure what time. Unfortunately, I have to work.
I found a neat powwow site, POWWOW POWER
I think I will put it up on the link list.
I'll try to get some more stuff soon, plus something on my personal blog you might find interesting.


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