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Monday, September 11, 2006

support local powwows

A few things to talk about today. We had a fine time at the prison saturday for the mini powwow. Not very many prisoners showed up, but they usually don't in summer, when they all have sports going on. Those that were there were enthusiastic, and we put our drums together, sang a lot of good songs, and had a great time. Thanks to the ladies who came, you made the powwow.
Don't forget the powwow this weekend at seven circles. There are fewer and fewer around the area, we need to support the ones that are still happening. Wildlife prairie park is gone, New Windsor is just hanging on, Leroy was gone,it will apparently be back next year but no guarantee how long, Chilicothee gone, attendence way down at all of them. It is hard work putting these on, and if we want to have local powwows to go to, we have to support the ones left. Let's see everyone out there!
Please put sept. 23 on your calenders. We are performing in Oquaka at 1:00 P.M. This is a full, hour long group performance, so we need everyone there. Call me or Jerry for details.
Practice friday at Ellens, see you there.


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