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Thursday, November 02, 2006

great party

First I'd like to apologize for the wrong date for the women's prison last post. I corrected it, but it's the 18th, not the 11th. Sorry.
We had a great party at Dinah's house saturday, lot's of people, lots of food, lots of fun. I won't try to list everybody there because there were so many, including a few we haven't seen for a while. Margo set up a traditional Cherokee wedding for Sue and Leon, which was quite a different thing for our parties (I'm cherokee, and I knew nothing about this. Oh Well). The Black Fox drum set up, and we sang a prayer song for them, then we sang the wedding song. We didn't do bad considering we hadn't sang it for years. Richard had a song he made for them, but he was ill and wasn't there (more later) so we couldn't sing it.
After that we started a fire and roasted hot dogs and had lots of other food (I mean LOTS of other food!) Later we sang some more songs, and just had a good time. All in all, a great party. I know Dinah was really happy.
About Richard, he was home, flat on his back. Seems he hurt his back at work, plus had an abcessed tooth, plus a bad cold. As of tuesday, he was still home from work, but was going to therapy. Richard, we all missed you, we hope you get better real soon.
I'm headed up to the White Bear war dance this weekend, I'll let you all know about it later, here or on my personal blog.
Not much coming up, the womens prison in a couple of weeks, then the mens in december. We are back to friday night practice, starting the 10th. See you there.


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