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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mt. Pisgah again

I wanted to add to the last post, despite the cooler weather saturday,we had some good crowds, and managed to hang on to them a while. That's not easy on the scenic drive.
We got many compliments, with many people who been there since we started telling how good we have gotten over the years. Even Fred, who knows good singing, complimented us.There is a rumour that next year might be not just the last for Mt. Pisgah, but for the whoe Spoon River Drive. We have been performing one place or another on the drive for more years than I can remember right now, if it is over I surely will miss it.
I also want to correct some misunderstandings about why I was gone the first week. I was at a science fiction convention down by St. Louis, if I wanted to see many of my old fan freinds it had to be that weekend. I talk about it more at my personal blog.


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