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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

good practice, great powwow

We had a good practice friday, tho we started late. We had a lot of energy, and didn't really want to stop.
The powwow at seven circles turned out really great this weekend, at least saturday. The turnout was the best I've seen at a local powwow for a long time, both dancers and spectators. I couldn't believe how big the lineup for grand entry was saturday afternoon, and there were many times all day when the circle was practically full of people dancing. Illinois Wesleyan had a class there, and they were enthusiastic like always, they got out and took part instead of just watching.
One of the highlights was the presence of one of the last of the WWII navaho code talkers. Saturday afternoon he got a handrum out and sang several navaho (Dine) songs, including a navaho two step, and many dancers went out and tried it (the navaho two step is different than what we do).
Saturday night was great again, with many dancers, and a lot of spectators stayed.
I couldn't make it back sunday because of a family commitment, but where I was a cold drizzle came up anyway, so I guess I didn't miss much.
Don't forget the performance at the town park in Oquaka saturday, be there by noon or 12:30, bring regalia!
Also, the scenic drive is coming up in october, we're going to Mt.Pisguah again, we need to work out the details. After that things calm down for awhile.


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