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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Great war dance

Not much happening with the group. Don't forget practice tommorrow night and the women's prison powwow the 18th.
Most of you know I went up to my society ( White Bear) war dance ( man's dance) last weekend. It was a great dance. One of the water carriers didn't show up, so our Nudohanga chose me to take his place.
This is quite an honor, tho a lot of work. We didn't gt to take breaks, but that is what it is all about. I will be crowing about this for a while.
The drum was fantastic, Eli Warrior was head singer, probably for the last time (his diabetes is catching up, he's almost blind), Earl Fenner was there, Sterling Big Bear, Doc (I can't remember his name, everyone calls him Doc, he was with the Indian Health Service for years, he was close to Harry Buffaoehead and saved Amelia Warrior's life), Rex Reddick (he owns Crazy Crow), and a whole bunch of great singers, men and women.
Brenda showed up to support me (thanks bunches, Brenda), and some of the women singers were the same ones she sang with for Tim Tiyeh earlier this year.
A great dance.
I know elections don't usually help natives, but I just saw this, for what it's worth, the probable new chair of the House resource committe, Nick Rahall of West Virginia, said this:

"As Resources chairman, I will maintain NEPA, end royalty holidays in the
OCS and giveaways under the Mining Law of 1872, prioritize the reclamation
of abandoned coal mines and miners, advance Native American health care, and
tackle territorial issues such as political self determination," said Rahall
in a statement delivered to E&E Daily yesterday.

We'll see.


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