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Friday, October 12, 2007

Mt. Pisgah

Had a great time as usual singing at Mt. Pisgah last weekend, even though it was kind of hot for October. Kind of! It hit the nineties!
We sang really strong, but then we always do these days. There are fewer and fewer people on the scenic drive these days, though, and fewer vendors and everything else. And now we hear this may be the last year for Mt. pisgah, the last place on the Scenic Drive where there is something other than cheap flea markets.
Many years ago, the Inali Dancers got our start going around to places on the scenic drives and performing, showing real native things to people who hadn't thought they cared.
Now the Black Fox singers are starting to get a name (inali is black fox in cherokee), people want to pay us to come, but I kind of miss the old days.
We've come a long, long, long way.


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