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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Not much going on, but a lot coming up. Don't forget practice friday, be there early to help with the prison drum. Also there is the powwow this weekend at seven circles, the first of the year around here. I am really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the weather channel is calling for rain right now. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thinking of all the things we do, the prison, nursing homes, youth groups,etc., it occurs to me that this is all community service of one kind or another. And this is what a group like ours should be doing. Native groups have a deep sense of community, which often seems lost in the modern world. All the old societies, men's and women's, were as much about service as about honor. Look at the trouble the national powwow people got into with the Ponca helushka when they wanted to hold a formal war dance without any service as part of it. Going to powwows and working on regalia is great, everyone knows I love it, but I think people who only do things like that are missing something really important.


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