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Thursday, November 30, 2006

slow time

Sorry my posts have been slow, first the holiday weekend, and then I got sick. I'm better now, and I'll try to get things up more often.
It's kind of a slow time right now, with not a lot coming up for the group. We do have the men's prison powwow Dec. 17, there may be a few more people going in with us this time.
We've been having some great practices, with a lot of energy and a lot of fun. Mostly we've been concentrating on getting ready for Hamilton in January. Jerry got the info on hotels for us, it looks like people are choosing a motel in Nauvoo. If you want to stay over saturday night, get hold of Jerry.
I think we're about ready for it, we should have no problem doing all needed songs, but we're going to keep working.
Jerry has a cell phone now, get hold of me or Ellen or Joe if you need the number.
Katie was in Arkansas over the holiday, visiting relatives. Hope she had a good time, we look forward to seeing her back at practice.
My sister Dinah had her first chemo session today, I'm sure she would love to hear from anybody who wants to call her.
I'm going to start getting some more legends, books, etc. up again soon.
Also, I just got DSL, so it should be easier to get pictures up now. Send any you want to see here.


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