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Saturday, December 23, 2006


A few things to catch up on, I kind of lost track of time.
We had an okay powwow at the men's prison last week, there was only three of us, but we did fine. Because the chaplain wanted sunday off, they had sweat and the powwow the same day, which meant we didn't have a lot of time to sing. The guys did come back inside after the inipi, and we had a nice pipe ceremony before we started singing.
Everyone was tired after the sweat, but we had a good time anyway.
A lot of car trouble, Scott lost his transmission, thats 800 bucks if he fixes it, I just found out I've got 800 dollars to spend to keep my car going (see Daryl's Den), and Brenda just blew out her exhaust (probably the catalytic converter). WOW! Maybe we ought to just walk.
Good news, Dinah's lung doctor was very positive monday, she's beating it, but she still needs our support and prayers.
We are pumped for Hamilton! We had a great practice tonight, a lot of energy, if you can be there, it's going to be great!
By the way, that's Merry Christmas in Cherokee.


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