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Monday, January 22, 2007

A fine weekend

I haven't put anything up for a while because I wanted to wait until the Hamilton powwow was over.
We did fine job if I say so myself. Our singing was strong, our voices good, and we had enough songs and did them all right. I think we made a really good impression. At least nobody said anything negative, and all the people dancing seemed to be having a great time.
Our ladies, both traditional and fancy shawl, did some fantastic dancing, really helping make the weekend a success.
Saturday started a little slow, it was a little early for some people, but by the afternoon there were a nice number of dancers and visitors, and a lot of visitors came out and danced. The circle was quite full many times. There was a potatoe dance (if you don't know, two dancers try to keep a potatoe between their heads while dancing, the last couple out wins) that went on forever, a lot of fun but it about killed us singers.
There were several inches of snow that night, which kept a lot of people away on sunday, but those who did show up had another great time.
By the time it was over, I think everyone would say it was a success, but our voices were pretty much gone (we were the only drum).
I may have more to say about the weekend later.
Some great news,Butch told us that Chillicothe is back on this year and invited us to sing there again, We were really honored, and said yes of course. It's the last weekend in August.
Also, I have heard a few concerns about the Mothers day powwow, but Butch says it is on.
No practice tommorrow evening, then we're getting back to normal schedule.


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