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Saturday, January 06, 2007


We were really up tonight at drum practice, a lot of energy. Part of that was the new heads on the drum. We got buffaloe heads! Man do they sound great! Jerry did a fantastic job like he always does. Ellen said it all, most drum groups don't have a master drum maker as part of the group.
Don't forget the winter gathering at Bradley University tomorrow.
Scott and Rosa still don't have a car. I know how they feel, I go into it on my personal blog, but I just paid 1100 dollars to fix my car (by the way, I didn't have 1100 dollars).
Check out the podcast at, they have an interview with Dennis Zotigh.
Important update, the dance at Hamilton has been moved, it's now at the grade school two blocks south of the highway on broadway. We're the drum there, we would love to see you.


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