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Thursday, January 11, 2007

short post

Not much to talk about tonight, but I'm going skiing for the weekend and I wanted to get something up.
We got the schedule for the dance at Hamilton, they've got a lot going on, it looks like we might not have to sing as much as we thought. I think we are going to do fantastic. Don't forget, if you want a motel room and don't have one yet, get hold of me, Jerry, or Ellen and we can tell you how to get one.
I just read this on the web:


Fort Yuma, California/Arizona (January 9, 2007). Today, William G. Myers III, former Solicitor in the Bush Department of Interior, withdrew his name for appointment to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Myers had been strongly opposed by Native Americans, particularly for his failure to respect legal protections for Native American sacred places.

The Quechan Indian Nation was a key player in galvanizing Indian Country to oppose the nominee. Quechan Tribal leaders met with and gained support from members of Congress, the California Nations Indian Gaming Association, the Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona and the National Congress of American Indians, among others, and testified before Congress and participated in confirmation hearings.

This was the first time Indian Country had opposed a federal judicial nominee.

WOW! Things are changing.


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