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Saturday, February 03, 2007

just had fun tonight

Not a lot to say about practice tonight. We were all kind of coming down from Hamilton, so we just sort of had fun. We talked a lot, sang some fun songs, and broke up early because it is really, very cold tonight!
I have a few dates, the men's prison powwow is march 31, the women's feb. 18th.
One neat thing, we have been asked (almost begged) to do something for Western Ill. Univ.'s annual International Bazaar. They would like us to sing some songs, do some dances, and show our regalia. There will be students from all over the world there, and I already know they are psyched to see native stuff. Looks like fun. I'll have more info later.
The whole chief illiniwek thing is really getting strange, but I got to say if they don't even know where those eagle feathers are, somethings very wrong. I have more to say on my blog at Daryls Den (see link list).


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