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Friday, January 26, 2007

something to get active about

Just coming back after the great time at Hamilton.
A few things to plan for, we will be at the Creve Couer rendevous over memorial day weekend, at least for saturday, we'll decide then about sunday.
We have a date for the women's prison, Feb. 17.
As I said last post, we have been invited to sing at Chillocothe the last weekend in august.
At the powwow last weekend Butch brought up the fact that people are trying to get a law in Illinois protecting native mounds and pioneer graveyards. Many people think there is already protection for this, but you'd be suprised. Unless the site is on government owned land, there is little protection. I can attest that there used to be a couple of large mounds south of Havana on power plant land that are now just gone.
Those of you who have been to Cahokia mounds know how great they are, but do you know that most of the site has been destroyed?
There is an ongoing culture disaster in the midwest right now, and almost no one seems to care.
If we can help in anyway, I think this is important.


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