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Monday, April 02, 2007

prison powwow

We had a nice powwow at the mens prison saturday. There weren't a huge number of prisoners there, but there were enough, and some of the ones there seemed to be up for it. We had a nice group, some of those who normally go couldn't make it, but Katie and Rosa went, and put on their regalia. The guys really loved that!
In the parking lot afterward, Katie discovered she had lost her car keys! We panicked, we turned her bag and car upside down. It turned out okay, Jim went back in to ask the guards, and they found them where they had searched the bag.
Jerry is trying to learn a sneak up from them, and they had a great crow hop we'd like. One of the singers shared his family song with us, we really felt honored.
We are setting up a performance at a nursing home in Farmington, probably friday, May 19th at 7:00 PM. We could really use any help we can get there, I'll put up more later or call me, Jerry, or Ellen.
I'm looking at some new web sites, if they're worth it I'll talk about them later (some sites look great at first but turn out to be kind of empty.)



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