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Friday, February 23, 2007

I guess we won't be at WIU

In case you haven't heard, the group decided not to perform at the International Bazaar at WIU next weekend. They only gave us 45 minutes, including setup. Plus it was at 6:30, a long way to drive to dance for half an hour then go home. Oh Well.
We do have the men's prison powwow the last Saturday in March, plus don't forget the Mother's Day powwow, plus creve coure the Saturday of memorial day weekend.
Has anyone seen the Mel Gibson movie Apocalypso?
Apparently he really goes back to that old chestnut of natives as total savages.
Yes, the Maya were somewhat warlike, but no more than renaissance Italy. They had a very high civilization, with liturature, art, and science. All Gibson can see is the violent side. After all, they're indians, they have to be savage.
Boycott this movie.



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