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Sunday, February 18, 2007

put illiniwek behind us

I just got back from Colorado (what a time! read daryl's den over the next few days. I didn't quite get blown into Wyoming) so I just heard about U of I's decision about chief illiniwek. I think most people know my opinion about the whole thing, I won't say anything more. I know not everone agrees with me, but there is no question it has been a devisive factor in local native affairs. Now that it's apparently over, I think it's time to put it behind us. Let's face it, it's just a college sports mascot. Native mounds and burials are getting plowed under all the time with little protection in this state. Why not focus all that illiniwek energy on this?
On a more somber note, I want to dedicate this to the late Sterling Big Bear. A great dancer, a great singer. There's going to be a memorial dance this spring, I have the info if anyone needs it.
Dodayo, Wadomba gay, Wakonda way.

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