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Friday, February 09, 2007

off to colorado

This is a short post, I'm heading out early tommorrow for colorado for a week.

There won't be practice friday the 16th because many people are going to Pekin for prison training the next day. We have a date for the men's prison, march 31st. Make sure march 3rd is down on your calender, we are going to perform for the International Bazarr at WIU. I'm still working out the details, but it looks like they want us sometime late afternoon.
We're going to be at Creve Coure Memorial day weekend again, but we're only committed for saturday.
By the way, if anyone would like to go into the prison with us, you don't have to be badged, we just need to know about 6 weeks ahead so we can get the paperwork done. It's a unique experience.
I just heard they may pave the road to Chaco Canyon park. I'm not sure I like the idea, but if you,ve never been there (and you probably haven't), It's like nothing you've ever seen. It's even more awesome than Cahokia mounds.
See you all when I get back.

Update: I just read something about a new chairman of the Native American congressional caucus. There's a Native congressional caucus? Who'd a thunk it?



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