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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

quick reminder

Just a quick post to remind everyone we have practice friday, we kind of got off schedule.
After that we will be back on regular schedule, at least for a while.
Also, if anyone knows someone who needs a good ribbon shirt, Ellen is still trying to sell the ones they made for the prisoners (which the prison officials then decided we couldn't take in after all). They are fine shirts, and you won't beat the price. Ask around, we would really like to sell some of them.

Friday, January 26, 2007

something to get active about

Just coming back after the great time at Hamilton.
A few things to plan for, we will be at the Creve Couer rendevous over memorial day weekend, at least for saturday, we'll decide then about sunday.
We have a date for the women's prison, Feb. 17.
As I said last post, we have been invited to sing at Chillocothe the last weekend in august.
At the powwow last weekend Butch brought up the fact that people are trying to get a law in Illinois protecting native mounds and pioneer graveyards. Many people think there is already protection for this, but you'd be suprised. Unless the site is on government owned land, there is little protection. I can attest that there used to be a couple of large mounds south of Havana on power plant land that are now just gone.
Those of you who have been to Cahokia mounds know how great they are, but do you know that most of the site has been destroyed?
There is an ongoing culture disaster in the midwest right now, and almost no one seems to care.
If we can help in anyway, I think this is important.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A fine weekend

I haven't put anything up for a while because I wanted to wait until the Hamilton powwow was over.
We did fine job if I say so myself. Our singing was strong, our voices good, and we had enough songs and did them all right. I think we made a really good impression. At least nobody said anything negative, and all the people dancing seemed to be having a great time.
Our ladies, both traditional and fancy shawl, did some fantastic dancing, really helping make the weekend a success.
Saturday started a little slow, it was a little early for some people, but by the afternoon there were a nice number of dancers and visitors, and a lot of visitors came out and danced. The circle was quite full many times. There was a potatoe dance (if you don't know, two dancers try to keep a potatoe between their heads while dancing, the last couple out wins) that went on forever, a lot of fun but it about killed us singers.
There were several inches of snow that night, which kept a lot of people away on sunday, but those who did show up had another great time.
By the time it was over, I think everyone would say it was a success, but our voices were pretty much gone (we were the only drum).
I may have more to say about the weekend later.
Some great news,Butch told us that Chillicothe is back on this year and invited us to sing there again, We were really honored, and said yes of course. It's the last weekend in August.
Also, I have heard a few concerns about the Mothers day powwow, but Butch says it is on.
No practice tommorrow evening, then we're getting back to normal schedule.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

short post

Not much to talk about tonight, but I'm going skiing for the weekend and I wanted to get something up.
We got the schedule for the dance at Hamilton, they've got a lot going on, it looks like we might not have to sing as much as we thought. I think we are going to do fantastic. Don't forget, if you want a motel room and don't have one yet, get hold of me, Jerry, or Ellen and we can tell you how to get one.
I just read this on the web:


Fort Yuma, California/Arizona (January 9, 2007). Today, William G. Myers III, former Solicitor in the Bush Department of Interior, withdrew his name for appointment to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Myers had been strongly opposed by Native Americans, particularly for his failure to respect legal protections for Native American sacred places.

The Quechan Indian Nation was a key player in galvanizing Indian Country to oppose the nominee. Quechan Tribal leaders met with and gained support from members of Congress, the California Nations Indian Gaming Association, the Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona and the National Congress of American Indians, among others, and testified before Congress and participated in confirmation hearings.

This was the first time Indian Country had opposed a federal judicial nominee.

WOW! Things are changing.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


We were really up tonight at drum practice, a lot of energy. Part of that was the new heads on the drum. We got buffaloe heads! Man do they sound great! Jerry did a fantastic job like he always does. Ellen said it all, most drum groups don't have a master drum maker as part of the group.
Don't forget the winter gathering at Bradley University tomorrow.
Scott and Rosa still don't have a car. I know how they feel, I go into it on my personal blog, but I just paid 1100 dollars to fix my car (by the way, I didn't have 1100 dollars).
Check out the podcast at, they have an interview with Dennis Zotigh.
Important update, the dance at Hamilton has been moved, it's now at the grade school two blocks south of the highway on broadway. We're the drum there, we would love to see you.